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by Tim Boury and VikiGeunes

On  September 20 in Boury-Roeselare and on December 05 in Zilte - Antwerp, chefs Viki Geunes and Tim Boury will be cooking together.

Each in their own style, each with their own story.


Exquis is an unique collab between two Belgian chefs who were awarded 3 Michelin stars.

The chefs work together on an unique selection of starters and 10 exquisite preparations. Adjusted to the season, so the menus in Roeselare and Antwerp will differ. 

However, the common thread is always the emphasis on local fruit and vegetables, fish from the North Sea, sustainably produced meat and numerous luxury products.

Menu with premium wine pairing


Menu with exclusive wine pairing


Menu with pairing juices




* including apero, water and coffee


Both in Roeselare and in Antwerp they cook for lunch and dinner.

The chefs are happy to make an extra effort to accommodate allergies or dietary restrictions. Due to the complexity and specificity of the menu, this is unfortunately not always possible. If there are specific wishes, please indicate this when booking.



The kitchen of Michelinstar restaurant Zilte*** is led by Chef Viki Geunes.

In Zilte, a pure and unique total experience is the most important. The chef turns products into creations with attention to the essence that stimulates all of your senses.
All this is supported by a characterful team with expertise and hospitality on the top of their mind.

The comfortable setting with its wide view over the skyline of Antwerp and warm atmosphere accompany your culinary journey in a unique setting with heritage and innovation as a guideline. Zilte strives to make the experience more intense. The refined materials and soothing colors used in the interior make Zilte complete.

Chef Viki Geunes, hostess Viviane Plaquet and their team invite you at an unprecedented height for a pure and unique gastronomic journey.


Zilte - MAS Antwerp
Hanzestedenplaats 5

2000 Antwerp
03 283 40 40


Tuesday 05 December 2023

Time of the day
12h00 or 12h30

19h00 or 19h30

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