There is a choice between different menus and à la carte preparations, depending on what you prefer and when you come to dinner. 

Menu Boury

teasers and 6 courses


teasers and 5 courses

(not served on friday night, saturday night and holidays)

Menu Biz

teasers and 4 courses

(only for lunch, not on holidays)

A la carte

(not served on saturday night)




When the weather allows, the apéritif and coffee can be served on the terrace. 


You can enjoy one last drink after dinner before we close the evening. This allows us to welcoming you every day in a cheerful and motivated manner.


cucumber . celery . green apple . goat cheese

corn . yuzu​ . katsuobushi

sandwich glaced chicken . sweet potato . thai curry

tartelette . smoked eel . miso egg yolk

tempura spinach . pancetta gallega

meringue duck liver . sakura

chawanmushi . spring onion . razor clams . cumbava

mussels from sealand . nettle

akami bluefin tuna . daikon . huacatay


sardine 'villagarcia' . tomato . olive . amarant

sole . fennel . lea lavender . zucchini . lobster . terragon

ravioli black truffle . mushroom . hazelnut

txogitxu beef . mole . beans

opperdoezer potato . wild asparagus​

apricot . almond . mascarpone

crème brulée . spiced caramel


€125 (5 courses)

€100 (4 courses)


Cheese instead of dessert for €12.


The sommelier proposes a complementing wine pairing with every course. These wines are served by the glass varying from €8.5 to €12.5.

As an alternative, it's a great pleasure for our sommelier to propose pairing beers.