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At Boury, the pursuit of the highest and consistent quality extends beyond the kitchen. We take pride in collaborating with partners who share our philosophy and are committed to excellence. Together, we embrace the values of craftsmanship, innovation, and unwavering quality standards.


At Boury, we exclusively cook with top-quality ingredients and cooking equipment. We believe that what you cook with matters just as much as the ingredients themselves. That's why we've chosen PFAS-free pans from the Belgian brand GreenPan. Their mission? To make kitchens around the world PFAS-free! Because you wouldn't want these controversial chemicals on your plate.

GreenPan creates high-quality, PFAS-free cookware and bakeware. Recently, they've introduced unique kitchen appliances with PFAS-free ceramic non-stick coating in their range.

Our chef is the face of the GreenPan Premiere series, his absolute favorite for cooking. This high-tech collection includes, among other things, frying pans made of professional-grade 3-layer stainless steel for impressive cooking and baking results. Premiere represents smart design, masterful technology, and excellent performance. According to Tim Boury, the Premiere collection from GreenPan allows healthy and flavorful dishes to shine.

Discover the GreenPan Premiere collection at!

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